SteamOS News

SteamOS News

This just in by SteamOS News Network! SteamOS is designed mainly for playing game titles.

Since SteamOS is made for playing games it doesn’t have many built-in functions beyond playing games and internet browsing; for example there’s no file manager or image viewer. Users can, though,, get the GNOME desktop environment that is accessible and perform jobs like installing other software. Valve is in discussions with streaming businesses like Netflix and Spotify to bring their attributes to SteamOS, though the OS doesn’t, in its present form, support streaming services. The OS natively supports Intel, Nvidia, and AMD graphics chips.

Valve said that they intend to include support for television, films, and music functionality before SteamOS’s customer launch.

The present system hardware requirements for SteamOS contain:

Intel or AMD 64-bit capable chip
250GB or disc that is bigger
USB port or DVD drive

Steam Machine

Realtek networking is just supported by SteamOS, or firmware-free networking.
Drives are monopolized by SteamOS. NTFS partitions can be resized by Stephenson’s Rocket.
Fundamental partitions are just supported by SteamOS. Stephenson’s Rocket supports RAID and LVM.
SteamOS needs newer or a Radeon 5000. The Open Source driver will be used by Stephenson’s Rocket on cards that are older.

2015: The new year of the Steam Machine

That is correct. Valve has gone back to the drawing board with all the Steam Controller. Again. This year because of this, we won’t see any Steam Boxes. Valve played the bearer of bad news in a blog post, mentioning the amount of feedback it is received viewing the newest variant of its own unique take on the game pad.


Hands on with Alienware’s Steam Machine

Alienware went through eight revisions over a couple of years in collaboration with Valve before it came to its closing Steam Machine. That’s how serious Alienware claims to be about the hardware initiative of Valve.

It appears the Steam Machine with the alien head logo could possibly be among the first to reach on the market. Dell plans on releasing the Alienware Alpha irrespective of if the Steam Machine application goes live in 2013. And with all the apparatus, now called Alpha and with finalized specs, we got some extra hands on time at E3 2014.
The Steam Carton is coming. Half-Life 3 affirmed?

The Steam Box is coming. Half-Life 3 confirmed?

The use case for such a layout revision makes sense. For players that might rather not transfer their in-game characters with one of the thumb pads that are proprietary, they finally have a more traditional approach to navigation. Chances are this is just not the last revision, either.
Hands on with Valve’s Steam Controller at GDC 2014


The Steam Controller gets revised – again


Steam Machine release date, news and features

The use case for such a design revision makes sense. For players that would rather not move their in-game characters with one of the proprietary thumb pads, they now have a more traditional method of navigation. Chances are this is not the last revision, either.

Hands on with Valve’s Steam Controller at GDC 2014

When the control and Steam Machines come out this Christmas, it will not be prying fingers and the keyboard and mouse apart, it’ll be joining them.

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SteamOS News and History

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